Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

For some people, the transition to parenthood can be a very challenging time.  You might feel burdened by anxiety and fear, or you might find yourself feeling numb and low.  For some parents, the loss of identity, time, independence or sleep can leave you feeling resentful and confused.  You may find it hard to enjoy your baby if these heavy, difficult feelings keep getting in the way.

If your emotional equilibrium has been rocked by a specific traumatic pregnancy, birth, or postnatal experience, my Trauma Release service may be perfect for you, but some parents find that it is not one, specific event that is troubling them. If you feel like you are experiencing thoughts and feelings that are holding you back from truly engaging with and enjoying this magical life phase, I might be able to help.


Lucy has provided so much emotional support to me postnatally. A friendly ear to listen to my early parenting experiences and has helped me to navigate my way through various challenges, boosting my confidence as a new mum. Her relaxation, breathing and mindfulness techniques have been very beneficial and are something I will continue to use. Lucy is knowledgable, caring and supportive, and I cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made to our family. Highly recommended.

Emma 2021

How can I help?

Most people are motivated to feel better, to seek fulfilment and to find ways to enjoy their baby and their new life.  It can be hard to know where to start though, especially when you are exhausted and having to learn new skills and ways of responding to your baby’s needs.

I can offer you relaxation, mindfulness and meditation techniques that are proven to calm and slow an overactive, anxious mind.  We can work together to envisage a goal state and look at the tools, techniques and resources that you already have, and those that you might need to develop to achieve the peace of mind that you are looking for.

I can help you find routes back to emotional wellbeing that build on your own skills and interests, tapping into what has helped you in the past and letting go of beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you.

What this looks like for you will be very individual but might include a combination of:

  • Mindfulness training (including “baby mindfulness” when your child is the focus of your attention).
  • Visualisaitons and meditaitons.
  • Journalling prompts.
  • Walking or other light exercise.

I charge £30 per hour.  We can work face to face in your own home if you live within a 25 mile radius of Belper, or online via Zoom if you prefer or if you live further afield.  We can combine these practices and techniques with my other Doula services, feeling our way together as we go, or we can work on a particular issue and in a specific way that appeals to you.

Get in touch and we can discuss your individual needs and how I might be able to help you find ways to feel better.