Lucy’s Toddle Talk baby signing classes

Toddle Talk is a fun, weekly class for tots aged 5 months to 3 years and their parents or carers. Research has shown that using sign language with your baby can bridge the communication gap for pre-verbal children, enhancing your bond and reducing frustrations and misunderstandings. Learning to sign supports babies’ speech and language skills, cognitive development, and motor skills. You will be learning British Sign Language alongside your baby in a relaxed, informal, non-judgmental group. We will use nursery rhymes, musical instruments, and books to introduce and reinforce each sign in a class that babies and parents find relevant and engaging. Each term is themed and each week builds on the one before so you and your baby have a unique opportunity to learn a new skill together.

Courses are 5 weeks long, booked as a block.  Please click below to find out more, see course dates, check prices and availability, and book your place.