Postnatal Doula

It’s vital that you have time to rest, recover from the birth, establish feeding and bond with your new baby.  In our culture these normal, healthy requirements are often overlooked and parents can find themselves floundering.

You might need someone to help you find your way with breastfeeding your baby.  As an experienced feeding supporter, I can help you find solutions to common breastfeeding problems; empower you to experiment and learn with your baby to find positions and patterns that work for you; help partners and non-feeding parents to support the breastfeeding relationship; and, of course, I can signpost to further sources of information and support if needed.  I can also support you to express, bottle feed, cup or syringe feed, and to use formula milk.

Maybe you need some emotional support.  A friendly person to keep you company, or perhaps you would like to talk about something in particular, like your birth experience, feeding journey or early parenting experiences.  I can listen to you and hold space for the big emotions you might be struggling to process.  I can work with you to develop relaxation and mindfulness practices to help you handle heavy or overwhelming feelings.  If you need it, when the time is right, we could consider doing some trauma release work to help you feel freer to enjoy your baby and your new life.

I am also a babywearing consultant and I can help you find ways to keep your baby close and still have your hands free.  We can work with whatever slings or carrier you already have, or I can bring my collection along for you to have a play with.

Maybe you need more practical support, I can be an extra pair of hands for you, cuddling your baby while you get some jobs done at home. You might appreciate having someone to be with the baby while you shower or sleep, or entertain your older children while you feed your newborn.  I will also consider offering late or over-night support if that is what you need.

I can be there to listen to how angry and frustrated you are.  Or celebrate your baby’s latest milestone with you.  Or help you make sense of your birth story.  Or make you a cup of tea.  Or hold you while you cry.  Or hold your baby while you cry.  Or come with you to a café so you can breastfeed in public for the first time.  Or make you laugh and take your mind off it all.  Maybe you don’t know what it is that you need, but we can work it out together and I can offer emotional, practical, non-judgemental support while you find your feet.

Please feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat about how I might be able to help you.  You might want my help regularly for several weeks, or more sporadically.  We can discuss your requirements and come up with a package to suit your needs.  It may be that we arrange a series of defined sessions with a goal in mind and a definite end date, or that our relationship rolls on for as long as you need it, evolving as we move forward.

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Lucy has been incredibly helpful in our journey as a new family. She has provided us with practical as well as emotional support when needed. We would definitely recommend her services.

Chiara and Valerio 2020

Lucy has been a great source of help and support for our family. We first met her on an antenatal course she delivered, which was very balanced and informative. It really helped my wife and I through the birth process. She has also been a continued support for us both, giving guidance and reassurance to help us navigate on the journey of becoming parents. Thank you for all you’ve done for us, we cannot recommend you highly enough.

Alan 2021

Lucy has provided so much emotional support to me postnatally. A friendly ear to listen to my early parenting experiences and has helped me to navigate my way through various challenges, boosting my confidence as a new mum. Her relaxation, breathing and mindfulness techniques have been very beneficial and are something I will continue to use. Lucy is knowledgeable, caring and supportive, and I cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made to our family. Highly recommended.
Emma 2021

What do the sessions involve?

How we spend our time together is entirely up to you and your needs on the day.  For ad-hoc, stand-alone sessions I charge £30 per hour and sessions are usually 1.5 to 3 hours.  Often, however, families choose to block book, saving money and securing my services.

You can book a block of 15 hours for the reduced rate of £375 (£25/hr), paid upfront.  You can then “spend” those 15 hours however you need within 6 weeks of payment being received.  Many families choose to use a 3 hour visit, once per week, for 5 weeks, but you can choose your own pattern, which may change as time goes on.

Whether I’m with you to listen and empathise, practice relaxation with you and give you some rebozo treatment, or to do some childcare, it’s always the same non-judgemental, evidence-based support.  I can also work with you over zoom if that suits you better.

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