Personalised Antenatal Education and Support

I have been delivering antenatal courses to parents across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and further afield since 2016.  At the heart of my work with expectant parents is empowerment and informed decision making.  I won’t tell you what to do or how to do it, but I will listen to what you want and offer good quality, up-to-date, evidence-based information on which you can base your decisions around labour, birth, baby care and parenting styles.

This is your body, your birth, your baby, your way.

I offer one to one antenatal education, support and practical skills, personalised to your needs and those of your chosen birth partner.  We can work in the comfort and privacy of your own home if you are local, or over Zoom if you live further afield.  I charge £30 per hour, minimum session time of 2 hours.

You can design your own course, the content could be entirely fluid and determined by your needs, your partner’s needs and your particular circumstances, but here is a suggested structure that works really well:

Three, three-hour sessions (with breaks), held over a couple of weeks at about 30-35 weeks gestation.  

£90 per session, £270 for the 9 hour course.

Session 1  – Your pregnancy, your birth, your options.

  • Review of previous pregnancy, birth and feeding experience (if applicable).
  • Review of pregnancy so far and any decisions already made.
  • Informed decision making; why and how.
  • Overview of straightforward labour and birth including the role of hormones.
  • Relaxation skills for pregnancy.

Session 2 – Birth skills, birth interventions.

  • Birth pathways (induction, assisted birth, caesarean)
  • Pain management.
  • Making birth and postnatal plans.
  • Skills for labour and birth (positions, breathing, massage, rebozo)
  • The role of the birth partner.

Session 3 – Your baby and you.

  • Newborn behaviour, instincts and cues.
  • What do babies need?
  • What do parents need?
  • Postnatal mental and physical wellbeing
  • Baby care and feeding.

Some parents don’t want a whole antenatal course and would prefer a single 2 hour session focused on skills for straightforward vaginal birth, some just want a class on baby care and feeding.  Or you might want to book a session with me to discuss your pregnancy fears or concerns and practice relaxation techniques.

You can, of course, come up with your own topics as well.  Whatever your need, it’s always £30/hr, minimum session time is 2 hours.

Birth affirmations set 1

The course was so useful.  I feel much better informed now.  I loved how interactive it was, we were able to learn by trying things out and solving problems.  It was lovely for my husband to get involved and made us really feel like we are in this together.  You were so knowledgeable and friendly!  Thank you.


What do the sessions involve?

I will bring everything we need to make the sessions interesting and interactive.  We can use a combination of models, photos, discussion and games to bring the process of labour and birth to life and make it relevant to your journey and preferences.  We can have candid conversations about pain management and interventions and work towards a bullet proof birth plan that is flexible enough to meet any eventuality.  I can show you and your chosen birth partner powerful comfort measures which can have a really beneficial impact on your birth experience.  We can practice positions and movements, relaxation and breathing techniques, rebozo and massage skills.  I can give your partner the tools they need to remain calm and actively helpful throughout the birth.  We can use dolls to learn about baby care, bathing and nappy changing, breast and bottle feeding, bonding and soothing.  We can explore baby development, sleep and routines.  We can talk about your hopes and apprehensions for the postnatal period and work on building your resilience and support strategies.  We can look at parenting styles and influences and look at what babies actually need and what normal newborn behaviour might be like.  Ultimately we can build your self-efficacy, confidence and resilience for the transition to parenthood.