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How are you feeling about returning to work after your baby is born?  Whether you are still pregnant and planning your maternity leave; you have a baby and are thinking about how and when you will go back; or you have been a stay-at-home-parent for a while and you are considering returning to the world of work; this can be a massive step and have profound implications for both your career and your family.

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I get asked a lot about how to use slings and carriers in cold weather so I’ve put together an FAQ guide to carrying in the cold.

Good Enough parenting, self-care and maintaining equilibrium in the New Year.

Many expectant mothers give little thought to how the baby’s placenta will exit their body, assuming that it’s not that important and the medical staff will just deal with it. Well they can, but they don’t always have to… Like every other aspect of birth and parenting, it’s the parent’s decision.

My sling journey, as well as some of the massive benefits baby wearing may offer.

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