Belper Baby Club

Belper Baby Club opened its doors in June 2021, just as the UK was coming out of lockdown and community groups were starting to tentatively return.  We are a friendly, welcoming, safe, non-judgmental group of parents.  There is no agenda and no expectation – come as you are and enjoy a cuppa, some cake (usually homemade chocolate brownies or flapjack), and the support of other parents who are feeling their way just like you.  Whether your baby is six days old, six weeks, six months, or more, whether they spend the session sleeping, crying, feeding, or playing, whether you are loving every moment or hanging on by your fingernails, we’ll be here for you.  We meet every Thursday, 1-3 pm, at Number 28, Market Square, Belper, DE56 1FZ.

Unlike other baby groups, my focus is less on the babies (although I do love them all!) and more on supporting parents to find their confidence, explore their options and decisions, and meet a tribe of other families to offer mutual support and camaraderie.  I’m not there to give you all the answers but to gently signpost and support you to find your own solutions and to normalise the struggles of parenthood.

Topics of conversation often include feeding, both breast and bottle, starting solids, sleep and nighttime parenting, slings and carriers, nappies, baby development, relationships and roles, returning to work and so much more.  You can chat with others in the group, or have a quiet one-to-one with me or Emily (my amazing friend and doula colleague who, more often than not, helps me out and co-facilitates the group).  There is no agenda, just what the attendees bring with them each week.

There is no need to book in advance, pre-pay, or commit to a block of time.  We run as a drop-in and I charge just enough to cover the venue rent and to keep the squash, tea and coffee flowing.  Some weeks are busy, some are quiet, but all are lovely and just what they need to be.

Parking is free in the Coppice Carpark just off the square and I charge £5 on the door, which you can pay in cash, via payPal or BACS, whatever is easier for you.