Baby Carrying Consultancy

Having discovered the pleasure and versatility of “baby wearing” with my first child, and honed my carrying skills and sling collection with my second, I have always advocated for and supported the use of slings and carriers with the parents I work with.

The benefits of baby wearing, for both babies and carers, are clear:

  • Encourages bonding with the parent and helps to meets baby’s strong need for a sense of security and attachment, which will lead to greater confidence and independence later in life, as well as greater resilience and better long-term physical health.
  • Helps regulate babies’ temperature, heart and breathing, and emotional and physical growth. This can be especially useful for premature babies or children who are unwell.
  • Promotes and encourages the establishment of a successful breastfeeding relationship, in part due to the oxytocin release from skin to skin and soft touch.
  • Helps babies regulate their circadian rhythms better and distinguish the difference between night and day sleep.
  • Reduces babies’ crying, both frequency and duration, and can improve sleep. Less crying means more time to be in an alert, calm state, promoting learning and positive interactions with the world.
  • May help to settle babies with colic, and also the parent/carer may feel less helpless. There is no evidence to suggest that babywearing actually reduces colic itself.
  • Can reduce the symptoms and discomfort of reflux.
  • Allows the vestibular balance apparatus to develop more rapidly and enhances neuromotor development and muscle strength.
  • Encourages sociability and language development.
  • Allows the baby to snuggle into the parent’s body for comfort when needed.
  • Can increase parental confidence. The parent may be more “in tune” with their baby, promoting responsive parenting.
  • Provides “hands-free” parenting, allowing the parent more choice about how to use their time.
  • Provides greater access to the world; in a good sling the only limitations are where your feet can take you.
  • Can provide comfort and nurturing for older children as well.

What does the session involve?

I may ask you fill out a questionnaire before the session, so that we can make the best use of our time together.  Between this and our initial chat, we will have an opportunity to get to know each other a bit and for me to understand fully what you need from the session and any particular concerns or issues you may have.  We can discuss what you want to achieve and you can let me know about any physical or other limitations that may impact how and why you want to carry your baby.

If you already have a sling we can start there, looking at how to optimise what you already have.  We can also have a play with other types and styles of slings, depending on what you and your baby need to achieve.  We can use dolls to start with, to help you gain confidence with unfamiliar equipment and positions, before, if your child is willing, optimising the carry with them in the sling.

The session lasts for about 2 hours and costs £75 including all travel and expenses (within a 25 mile radius of Belper – please contact me if you live further afield and we can discuss mileage expenses)

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