Lucy Pedder

New clients, new website, new products, new energy.

With the end of summer approaching, the schools reopening soon and the famous “new normal” feeling like a tangible reality, I’m feeling a real internal shift.  Although my NCT teaching remains, rightly, confined to Zoom, I am able to visit postnatal doula clients in their homes again, with appropriate PPE and social distancing.  It has been absolutely wonderful to be able to offer real, face to face support, empathy, reassurance and encouragement to new parents in my community and really feel those connections and relationships forming and strengthening.  I do miss the hugs and the baby cuddles but I can live without those for a while longer.

Since I decided to temporarily close the Etsy shop and stop taking commissions for my yarn-crafted teaching models, I have been beavering away to get my scribbled pattern notes into some semblance of documents that other crafters might actually be able to make some sense of.  It’s been quite the journey but I am flippin’ delighted to announce that the first three are finished and available to download both on Etsy, and also on my NEW, IMPROVED WEBSITE!

The two uterus patterns, Sophie and Rhea, and my Bobby Boobs are available at £5 each for a digital download of the full pattern with lots of step-by-step colour photos.  You also get my unlimited support so if you get stuck just let me know and I’ll help you out and we’ll work together to get you back on track.

I’ll be working on the Percy Placenta next and then the Birth-to-Baby blankets.

I’ve also been water colouring a lot over lockdown and, combining that with my passion for hand lettering and calligraphy, I’ve been making birth affirmation cards which will also be available to download and print soon.  With a virtual shop now attached to the website there’s no end to my ideas for things to stock in it!

Yes, with the patient help of the indomitable Jo, my partner, tech geek and all-round good egg, I’m chuffed to say that the website is a whole lot better and easier to navigate.  It’s still a work in progress and there are sections that were on the old site that are missing in action, but the shop and the blog are working as are my service pages.  It’s soooo pretty too!  Thanks, Jo, for the hours and exasperation.  What a star.  We will continue to work on it behind the scenes and the reference section should be back up soon.  In the meantime, here’s the link to the Padlet landing page.

I hope you are enjoying the changing season too.  We are all feeling the weight of the ongoing pandemic and the economic repercussions but there is still renewal and hope in the world.  Stop and breathe. This too will pass.