Lucy Pedder

Birth doula. Antenatal educator. Breastfeeding advocate. Postnatal supporter. Babywearing consultant. Birth trauma release practitioner. Baby signing teacher. Mother. Artist. Friend.

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The role of a doula is to provide support where support is needed. To be a friend, an advocate, a non-judgemental listener. To hold a safe space and enable self-exploration and personal growth. To be a calm companion or a staunch gate keeper, as needed.

I offer unconditional, non-judgemental support, self-help strategies and evidence-based information to parents-to-be and newborn families across Derbyshire and beyond.

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“Lucy really needs to be prescribed on the NHS to all new parents!

Before Lucy started supporting us, the first ten weeks of my daughter’s life were really tough. We struggled with painful breastfeeding, barely had any sleep and I couldn’t stop worrying about everything! Lucy massively helped, mostly reassuring me that my child wasn’t broken and that I was doing a good job! There are so many things society has told us that babies should be doing that biologically makes very little sense so knowing that my baby insisting on always sleeping on someone was evolutionarily normal was incredibly reassuring! With Lucy’s help we sorted the painful breastfeeding, cut out the 1am pumping that I was doing because I was convinced my supply was low (it wasn’t!), found safe sleep arrangements that worked for all of us and started mindfulness practise to help me switch off and just enjoy being a parent.
As if that wasn’t enough, Lucy also helped us figure out why our daughter didn’t enjoy being in the baby carrier we had and introduced us to another style that would work best for us once she’s outgrown the one we have.
I can neither thank nor recommend Lucy enough!”

Emma, 2020

Doula Lucy

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